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My Digital school is complete school management system with user-friendly UI and best communication channel between parents and school with below listed features.

  • School Administration.
  • Admission Process.
  • Fee Collection
  • Student & staff Attendance using RFID device.
  • Student & staff Attendance Mobile App
  • Student Details
  • Employee Details
  • Time Table
  • Examination
  • Bulk SMS/Email
  • Library
  • Parent portal
  • Parent App
  • Dashboard /Reports

Visitor Management System

Nowadays,In most organisation visitor management consist of visitors scribbling their name in a paper book. Instead, visitor management software will assist you the professionalized way in which you welcome your visitors. This software is a complete Visitor management service to improve. The efficiency, productivity, security and customer satisfaction provides below features .

  • Visitor record with Photo identity.
  • Monitoring movement of visitors in the organization.
  • Access Control for visitors in the organization.

Employee Profile Management

Its complete employee profile management system contains below features

  • Employee profile
  • Department
  • CV upload
  • Employee skill
  • Experience summary
  • Company current update
  • Hr policies
  • Latest openings
  • Events

Performance Management System

Performance Management that facilitate the attainment of individual and corporate goals.Performance Management systems enable you to track and monitor the performance of individual employees, departments, and the organization overall.

These systems are often based on organizational and job specific competencies which need to be obtained for successful job performance.

The components included in Performance Management systems include:

  • Lists of Accomplishments
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Results from 360-Degree Feedback Processes
  • Supervisor Ratings
  • Individual Development Plans

Attendance Management

Attendance Management system is used to manage the attendance record automatically using the Attendance device and this record helps for different HR process. It has below features

  • Capturing the time and attendance record
  • Integration with Biometric system
  • Setting up attendance rule
  • Shift management
  • Dashboard/Reports

Leave Management

The main objective of the proposed system is to decrease the paper work and easily record and maintain leaves of the employees in any organisation. Leave management system has numerous features ranging from simplicity to scalability.

  • Automate your leave management process.
  • Improve your workforce productivity.
  • Leave management is a system used to store data of all employees.
  • Reduce processing work load.
  • Information available at the touch of a button.
  • Possible to keep track of project.
  • Save time and money.
  • Centralize all your time-off data..

Recruitment Management system

A recruitment management system is online recruitment system, witch helps to manage the recruitment process very smoothly .it contains:-

  • On Campus recruitment
  • Off Campus recruitment
  • Create the openings
  • CV folder
  • Interview feedback
  • Exist process

Asset management

Asset management system to manage the inventory of asset and their traceability .it contains below features

  • Asset inventory
  • Vendor management
  • Asset validation
  • Asset transfer
  • Warranty management
  • Asset depressionr
  • Vendor management

Retail outlet management

This retail outlet software contains the inventory of the product and connect the other outlet with it.

  • Manage the inventory
  • Create outlet
  • Product send to other outlet
  • Product receive to outlet
  • Product sale
  • Dashboard /report

Asset Management and Traceability MOBILE APP

This asset traceability mobile app is very useful and user friendly to maintain the asset traceability

Different below features

  • Work on OFF line mode
  • Works in ON line mode
  • Asset data insertion
  • Asset validation
  • Asset verification
  • Token generation for faulty asset
  • Warrant details
  • Inventory of asset
  • Transfer of asset

Vehicle Tracking Mobile App

This app is useful for tracking the vehicle position, its kind of safety app for school, collages and the company's to track the position of vehicle, it has below some highlighted feature

  • Work on OFF line mode
  • Works in ON line mode
  • List view
  • Map view
  • Live Track
  • History Track
  • Alerts like petrol capacity , over speed etc
  • Dashboard/Reports

Student and Staff Attendance Mobile App

This is very simple app for attendance of student and staff witch help to reduce the cost of attendance devices.

  • Work on OFF line mode
  • Works in ON line mode
  • Attendance as par class mode
  • Attendance of staff by admin
  • Live record of attendance
  • History Track
  • Alerts for absent student and employee to parents and principal/li>
  • Dashboard/Reports

Parents mobile App

This is very simple app for School and parents communication with below features

  • Works in ON line mode
  • Work on OFF line mode
  • Attendance record to parents
  • Exam alerts
  • Progress Report
  • Fees alerts
  • Any communication from school like parents meeting , holidays etc
  • Homework details
  • Dashboard/Reports