Negotiating salaries is hard...

Where most of us struggle, some people prevail. is it plain luck or is there a logical process? This exclusively designed program offers the answer.

salary negotiation is an art based on solid logic and focused practice.The simple step by step approach take the guess-works out of the equation,helps you examine consequences of your choices and prepare you for best conversation during salary negotiation process.Through simulated games,role plays and case studies,you will learn method behind the madness called 'salary negotiations'

Module 1 : Nature of employment contract.

Module 2 : Inside the mind of job seeker.

Module 3 : Creating winning offer.

Module 4 : Closing the deal - basics of negotiation.

"Having spent 10 years in recruitment. i was skeptical on what new will learn. However this workshop opened up new possibilities and perspective for me.It was fun. I now know my role as a recruiter is to ensure business makes profit. "

Who should attend: Anyone who is involved in the process of salary negotiations - candidates; managers; recruitment; C & B & HR Professionals.

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Sanjay Gawade

A computer and benefits experts with 16+ years of experience in HR strategy,process,governance,operation.A data enthusiast and a keen observer of behavior,Sanjay has helped organizations align there pay strategies. He strongly believes in openness and transparency in pay decisions and devotes his time training on his favorite topic.