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Event Registration and Confirmation

Event Registration and Confirmation

Event Registration and Confirmation

An event is a fantastic way to achieve out to your leads. But leads Can be present at only when they know about the event, and the content interests them. Are you able to achieve and entice the right people to your events? However, without a effectively focused list of attendees, effectively handled registration and careful follow-up, even the best of sales activities or event can be a waste of time and money.

Prospects from the database will be invited to an event hosted/sponsored by our client. Events can be paid or free, ranging from a webcast to breakfast meetings to seminars to large scale branding events. Inventive-SMi will get prospect registered for the event on the client’s registration page. Listing targeted audience and contacting the potential prospect through email or phone.:

Inventive-SMi Event Marketing Services include:

  • Handling the entire Invitation and outreach process

  • Event promotion by digital marketing and tele-callings

  • Follow-up – before and after event

  • Take care of Lead generation and Nurturing

  • Act as clients requirement

  • Event ROI calculation

Contact us to learn more about our event recruitment services and the other ways we can support your event recruitment and management teams.